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Nick Kyrgios admits ‘slim chance’ of playing in French Open, potentially rules out 2020 tennis return




Tennis superstar Nick Kyrgios admitted that a return to tennis this year will be unlikely after revealing yesterday morning there is a “slim chance” he will compete in the 2020 French Open.

Speaking on Nine’s Today show, Kyrgios elaborated on his decision to withdraw from the US Open in New York in early September, and expressed doubt that he would play in Europe in 2020.

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“It was an easy decision for me to pull out of the US Open with everything going on over in the States at the moment, with COVID,” Kyrgios said.

“But even with the [Black Lives Matter] movement and the whole protests and that type of stuff going on over there, I just don’t think at the moment it’s the correct time to go ahead with sport in my opinion.

“I’m continually training, but also just staying at home with my family and friends, making sure everyone’s safe.”

Photo: ABC

Speaking about Rafael Nadal’s decision to also skip this years US Open, Kyrgios admitted that the Spaniard will still be “eyeing up” the French Open. However, Kyrgios said there’s almost a “slim to none” chance that he would join Nadal, should the competition go ahead.

“It’s a very slim chance I’ll play in Europe. Almost slim to none to be honest,” he said.

“I’m going to use this [time] to stay home, train, be with my family, be with my friends and I’m just going to act responsibly, and wait till I think there’s better circumstances to play.”

Photo: AFP

Concerns over the tennis’ return don’t end in Europe, with the status of next year’s Australian Open also being doubted, especially following Melbourne’s second COVID-19 outbreak. Plans are still in place for the tournament to go ahead, even if it means doing so behind closed doors.

“With the pandemic in Melbourne, I heard on the radio today I think 700 new cases, we reached new heights in deaths,” he said.

“I’m not sure the Australian Open will go on.”

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