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‘My Grandma is a Musician’: Eleni Elefterias to launch her debut bilingual children’s book

Grandmothers (Yiayiades) are our everyday superheroes and the cornerstone of every Greek family; however, their role is often stereotyped. With her debut bilingual (Greek/English) children’s...

Best Christmas books to read this holiday season

By Victoria Loutas With Christmas just around the corner, The Greek Herald has compiled a list of our favourite Christmas books to keep you entertained...

What we learnt from Aesop Fables

By Victoria Loutas Aesop fables, or Aesopica, is a collection of fables credited to Aesop, an ancient Greek slave and storyteller. The classic tales have...

Billy Cotsis has launched his new book ‘1453: Constantinople & the Immortal Rulers’

Almost 80 people attended the launch of a new historical novel, 1453: Constantinople & the Immortal Rulers, at Hellenic Art Theatre on Thursday night. Hosted...
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