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Evgenios Staroselskiy’s mission to raise the Cypriot flag on the Seven Summits




Ukrainian-born Cypriot citizen, Evgenios Staroselskiy, is on a mission to raise the flag of Cyprus on the Seven Summits around the world, Cyprus Mail reports.

The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of each of the continents and ever since American Richard Bass climbed all seven in 1985, other mountaineers have attempted the challenge.

So far, Limassol-based climber Evgenios has already climbed five of the Seven Summits – Africa’s Kilimanjaro, Europe’s Mount Elbrus, South America’s Aconcagua, Asia’s Everest, and North America’s Denali.

Aconcagua summit 2019.

At the end of each ascent, Evgenios raises the flag of Cyprus.

“It’s something I’ve been doing for years, ever since I moved to the island in 2011,” Evgenios told Cyprus Mail. “I also raised the flag of Ukraine, in support of my people.”

The founder of the Seven Summits Club Cyprus still has to climb Antarctica’s Mount Vinson and Australia / Oceania’s Mount Carstensz.

Denali 2022. Photo: Cyprus Mail.

“Vinson Massif is possibly the hardest of all,” Evgenios said. “It’s the logistics. This peak is in Antarctica; not only do you need special flights in and out, you also need to raise over €40,000 for your expenses! But I’ll probably do it within the year. If not in 2022, then 2023.”

What will Evgenios do when he’s conquered them all?

“Mountaineering has been my whole life. I’m hoping to start a mountaineering museum in Limassol, and I will continue to take groups from the Seven Summits Club Cyprus and raise our flag on the peaks,” he concluded.

Source: Cyprus Mail.

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