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Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann behind one of SA’s top-ranked restaurants




Food critic, Simon Wilkinson, has named the top 15 restaurants in South Australia for 2021 and listed at number two is ‘eleven’ restaurant, which is co-owned by Callum Hann and Themis Chryssidis.

It’s no surprise their restaurant is on the list as Chryssidis brings his dietician expertise to the table, whilst Hann was a runner-up in the 2010 series of MasterChef Australia. Together, they have both also authored the cookbook Quick. Easy. Healthy. 

Chryssidis and Hann. Photo: Johnny von Einem.

In his review, Wilkinson says that although it takes a while to ‘get your bearings’ in the restaurant, which is located on Waymouth St, once you get comfortable the atmosphere is addictive.

“The room is dark and handsome, with a cohesive mix of polished timber, marble, glass and other tactile materials in black, copper and deep green,” the food critic writes.

Later, he goes on to detail the ‘inspired’ cooking by Head Chef Dan Murphy, who has been a mate of Hann’s since they were teens in the Barossa Valley and helped him land his first restaurant job. 

Eleven restaurant. Photo: Morgan Sette.

“The contemporary French cooking is realised most often as the hero ingredients arranged on a plate with a sauce added at the table,” he says.

“The magic here is the extraordinary, seductive flavours to be found in liquids with the consistency of your morning tea or coffee.”

I mean… how can you resist that? It looks like Chryssidis and Hann are definitely onto a sure thing in SA!

Source: The Advertiser.

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