Top 5 health benefits of Greek coffee


By Victoria Loutas

We all know Greek coffee is good for the soul, but how good is it for our bodies?

A study conducted by the University of Athens revealed that Greek coffee holds many health benefits. 

Below are some reasons why you should be adding Greek Coffee into your morning routine.

Healthy blood vessels

Research reveals that Greek coffee can improve the endothelial function, which contributes to healthy blood vessels and overall cardiovascular health.

Reduces inflammation

The finely grounded coffee beans used to make Greek coffee contains high levels of chlorogenic acids, which can reduce inflammation, blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Traditional greek coffee with cafe and the sea at the background. Photo: Greek Boston

Reduces the risk of premature death

Based on research conducted on the inhabitants of Ikaria, considered one of the world’s ‘Blue Zones’, drinking a cup of Greek coffee a day can contribute to a long, healthy life. The high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants within the Greek Coffee promotes longevity.

Contains antioxidants that lower the risk of diabetes

All coffees are rich in antioxidants, however what makes Greek Coffee special is that it is boiled, not brewed. This method extracts many nutrients within the coffee and can overall lower the risk of diabetes.

Increases metabolism

Greek coffee does not need milk or much sugar and can therefore contribute to weight loss and increase your metabolism.




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