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From Print to Screen – The Greek Herald print newspaper goes digital




The Greek Herald has brought its historic print paper into the digital sphere. Your favourite Greek newspaper is now available via subscriptions on a new online platform.

At only $1.75 per edition, you can now access the Greek Herald print paper through your tablet, smart phone, laptop and desktop computer.

Enjoy having the luxury of reading your daily Greek and Australian news, lifestyle, culture and sport, in the palm of your hand.

“As part of our strategy to more strongly engage with our later generation readers, digital subscription was one of our major objectives for 2020,” co-publisher Elaine Kintis says.

“This process has been fast tracked due to the restrictions put in place from coronavirus. Many businesses have had to do things differently in the current circumstances and we were no different.¬†Fortunately, we were already implementing plans to go digital prior to the restrictions coming on. ¬†

“We are particularly proud of our home delivery service. We know that many of our readers are elderly and that our paper had been part of their lives for many decades. To ensure those loyal readers continue to get their news, we implemented our home delivery service which was a fantastic success and very well received by our readers. Particularly in this unprecedented time where they had to stay home to stay safe.

“The Greek Herald will continue to adapt according to the needs of our community.”

Find out more details about our subscription service here:

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