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Film documenting 100 years since establishment of Panathinaikos BC to premiere on June 27




A film which shares the story of 100 years since the establishment of Panathinaikos BC will be available to all Greeks worldwide on June 27 via online streaming.

The screening times for ‘Journey to the Stars’ are: June 27 at 18:00 and 22:00, June 28 at 04:00 and 12:00, and June 29 at 21:00. All times are in EEST – Athens time.

The film will focus on the Giannakopoulos family, a family who adored “Panathinaikos” deeply and decided to take over the reins of the club’s men’s basketball team.

This wonderful journey, filled with so many indescribable moments, ranging from impressive victories to unexpected defeats, and unmeasurable joys to undeniable sorrows, but most importantly, six European championships, is captured throughout this film.

“Writing the script, I wanted to reach those who might have thought that we were simply talking about basketball, when in fact, we are actually taking a look at something more. We are talking about family, fathers, daughters, sons, loneliness. All that is more or less sports,” Christos Dimas, the film’s Director and Screenwriter, said at a press conference.

“Because it does narrate the 100 years since the team’s establishment, we had to go through the story, but also find a way to include the emotional imprint in order to have the audience understand what makes the team great. We also wanted to show what characterizes Panathinaikos, and the family as well.”

President of Panathinaikos BC OPAP, Panagiotis Triantopoulos, agreed and said he’s impressed with the way the film perfectly captures the Giannakopoulos family.

“I have lived close to this family for so many years. I thought it would be difficult for a film to capture, within two hours, what I feel, close to these people. But I want to say well done to everyone. It’s an amazing job. We felt what we wanted,” Mr Triantopoulos told the media.

“The film shows how the foundations and values ​​of the group came into being, and generally, how the family started. It is not based so much on the competitive part, as on that of morality and love.”

Find out more about the film here.

Starring: Danis Katranidis, Themis Panou, Argyris Pantazaras, Giorgos Gallos, Vaggelis Mourikis, Anna Maria Papacharalampous, Gilles Touchais, Markos Lezes, Daphne Lamprogianni, Nikos Arvanitis, Tasos Iordanidis, Ioanna Pilichou, Christos Plainis, Vaggelis Alexandris, Giorgos Gerontidakis, and Kostas Apostolakis. Guest Appearance:  Zeta Makripoulia.

Screenwriter-Director: Christos Dimas; Executive Producer: Vicky Laskari; Production Execution: Panos Papachatzis; Photography: Kostas Triantafillou; Editing: Stella Filippopoulou; Music: Nikos Kipourgos; Set: Kiki Pitta; Costumes: Katerina Zoura; Sound Recording: Dinos Kittou; Sound Design: Nikos Konstantinou; Sound Mix: Kostas Filaktidis; Production Organization: Dimitris Gkanos; Production Management: Yiannis Karantanis; Make Up: Dimitra Giatrakou.

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