High success rate for Certificate of Attainment in Greek Language exams in Sydney


The results of the Certificate of Attainment in the Greek Language 2023 exams were released on Friday, 28 July, after completing the evaluation and grading of all the candidates’ written and oral exams.

Individual candidates have access to their results through the webpage of the Centre for the Greek Language http://www.greek-language.gr/certification/results/index.html with the use of: a) the code number of the exam centre (61006), b) the candidate’s registration code, and c) the candidate’s surname (as in the candidate’s card).

  • Rescoring of exam papers: Candidates who have not passed the exams may have their exam rescored by submitting a written request to the Centre for the Greek Language. Rescoring requests will be submitted by email at ellinomatheia@komvos.edu.gr by 31st August 2023. After submission of the request, the candidate will have to deposit 60€ to the bank account that CGL will give.  

All the above notifications can be found on the website: http://www.greek-language.gr/certification/news/index.html.

All successful candidates will be informed about the Award Ceremony of the Certificates of Attainment in Greek Language, which will take place in early 2024.

The statistical data of the Exams for the Certificate of Attainment 2023 that took place at Macquarie University in Sydney are the following:

The results.

Dr Patricia Koromvokis, Head of the examination centre and Director of the Modern Greek Studies Program at Macquarie University, stated: “In the Exams for the Certificate of Attainment 2023 that were held at Macquarie University, Sydney’s examination centre, we had a 94% success rate on the overall number of the participants, (6% absence rate).”

“The high success rate reflects the hard work that the Greek teachers and students put into teaching and learning the Greek language,” Dr Koromvokis added.

“My warmest congratulations to all the candidates who took part in the exams, to the parents who supported them and, of course, to all the teachers who effectively prepared the candidates for the exams!

“I would like, through my role as Head of one of the largest Greek language examination centres in the world, to encourage students to take exams in the Greek language as the Certificate of Attainment in Greek Language is a globally recognised title that proves the level of proficiency of its holder in the market and is considered a prerequisite for the practice of various professions in Greece. It enables foreigners with a B2 level certificate to enrol in a Higher Education Institution in Greece.”

The Exams for the Certificate of Attainment 2024 will be held on 14-16 May at Macquarie University.




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