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NSW Premier replies to 7-year-old boy’s letter who couldn’t celebrate birthday in lockdown




NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has responded to a 7-year-old boy’s letter expressing his feelings about the fact that he was not able to celebrate his birthday due to the lockdown.

A few days before his birthday, George Vrahas wrote to the Premier to let her know “he was really upset that he can’t go to school, can’t go out and can’t celebrate with his family and friends.”

“Mum, we need to sit down and have a serious discussion. I need you to write a letter to auntie Gladys to tell her how I feel,” George told his mother, Christine.

“He was overwhelmed and concerned with the lockdown and wanted to write the letter because he knows the Premier would read it and reply to him,” Christine said.

George Vrahas and his 4-year-old sister Elizabeth holding the letter from the Premier. Photo: Supplied

Last year, during the first lockdown with another letter to the Premier, George inquired whether the Easter Bunny would be able to visit and he received a reply along with a bag of Easter eggs.

In her recent correspondence with the young Greek Australian, the Premier says that “while it’s disappointing that we are not able to celebrate special occasions with family and friends, it’s important that we follow the health advice to keep us all safe during this time.”

Closing with a handwritten P.S. note, Berejiklian signs as ‘Auntie Gladys’.

“He’s happy he got an acknowledgement from someone we see on the news,” said Christine stressing that this lockdown has been difficult and draining especially for parents with multiple children who work and homeschool.

“The children are also suffering and I’m glad George took the initiative to speak to me about it and to have a voice that is being heard. We always worry about our mental health but we often forget about the kids,” Christine said.

Asking George if he has a message to share with other kids who also have to hold off their birthday celebrations until the lockdown ends, he says “it will be okay.”

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