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Sydney FC’s, Teresa Polias, opens up about her break from football and future plans




Teresa Polias has many titles – W-League games record-holder, Sydney FC captain and school teacher at McCallums Hill Public School.

This W-League season will be notable by her absence however, as she recently announced she is taking an indefinite break from football as she is pregnant with her first child.

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As she stressed to The Guardian, the break is not retirement but rather a pause to reflect and reassess once she and her partner, Foti, have got their heads around parenthood.

“When I close that door, I want to close it for good. I still love the game and I was still able to perform well, so I’ll just see how I bounce back from the pregnancy and if I can physically do it,” she tells The Guardian.

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“That’s the sort of a challenge of love. I’ve always wondered if I could do that … I’m curious, so just thought I’d leave that open.”

The 31-year-old adds that for now she is taking some amazing memories away with her. That is, not only her trophies but also being able to celebrate her victories with family.

“I don’t like putting so much praise on titles and owing all your success to titles,” she told the online media outlet.

“There’s been hundreds of moments, like sharing it with your family. The pride and joy I see in my dad every weekend when he comes to the games is just, you can’t really explain what it means to me.

“The same with my partner, they’re like best mates and they love enjoying the game together. My family have been there for the big moments as well. They’ve shared it with me.”

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Source: The Guardian.

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