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Chanel Contos stars in viral ‘Safety. Respect. Equity.’ campaign calling for systemic reform




Activist, Chanel Contos, has lent her voice and star power to a new Australian campaign aimed at ending injustice and inequity for women.

The Safety. Respect. Equity. initiative is calling for systemic reform in the areas of sexual harassment, domestic violence and consent education.

Contos is a part of the campaign after her petition for earlier sex education in schools inspired hundreds of former Sydney schoolgirls to come forward about their experience with sexual assault last year.

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She’s also joined by 11 other prominent Australian women including Grace Tame, Julia Banks, Christine Holgate, Brittany Higgins, Lucy Turnbull, Madison de Rozario, Michele O’Neil, Larissa Behrendt, Yasmin Poole, Wendy McCarthy and Georgie Dent.

In a video on the group’s website, Ms Tame starts by telling viewers, “Australia, we need to talk.”

The video explains that “2021 wasn’t the first year that Australian women were harassed or unsafe or violated or ignored or disrespected… and it wasn’t the first year that women spoke up.”

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For her part in the video, Contos says now is the time to “educate the future generations of Australians” on equality for all women.

The group is specifically calling for the prevention of sexual harassment and bullying toward women and wants all 55 recommendations in the Respect@Work report implemented.

Source: ABC News.

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