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‘The Spartan,’ Andreas Michailidis, becomes first Greek fighter to claim UFC victory




Andreas Michailidis has became the first Greek to ever win the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in mixed martial arts (MMA) on Saturday night.

Michailidis went up against 34-year-old KB Bhullar from Canada in the UFC Vegas 25 prelims and the game made for some entertaining viewing.

Michailidis opened up swinging big, looking to get the knockout early against Bhullar. Throwing massive winging shots, Michailidis did hurt Bhullar halfway through the round, but Bhullar ended up getting into the clinch and got a chance to breathe for a minute.

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Andreas Michailidis from Athens became the first Greek to ever win the UFC in mixed martial arts (MMA) on Saturday.

However, he didn’t breathe for long as Michailidis landed a huge head kick and flurry, before getting a big takedown and getting Bhullar’s back. Michailidis landed some ground and pound before going for the choke, however, time ran out and we would see a round two.

Bhullar landed a devastating strike early in round two, but it was an illegal one, landing a hard groin strike right as the round began. After a brief rest, the two were right back at it.

Michailidis went back to pressuring him right after the break, but Bhullar started to find some offense of his own, landing some body kick and low kicks near the end of the round.

Bhullar came out with the same strategy in round three, mixing up the body kicks and low kicks and occasionally landing a jab or two upstairs. Michailidis was a little bit more restrained early but it wasn’t long before he was swinging for the fences once again.

Bhullar was making Michailidis leg a little red but wasn’t landing anything too hard-hitting, but by the third round, Michailidis wasn’t landing much of substance either. However, Bhullar landed another devastating groin strike in the third, his hardest strike of the round.

The two soon went to a decision, with Michailidis defeating KB Bhullar by a unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28).

“I wanted this so much and it came. Now I’ll be less stressed in the next fight,” Michailidis said after his win.

Source: Cageside Press.

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