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South Australian government calls for Greek interpreters and translators




The South Australian Minister for Human Services, Nat Cook MP, has announced the state government is seeking to recruit additional interpreters and translators to work in the state’s Interpreting and Translating Centre’s (ITC).

The Malinauskas Government is committed to making sure community members have the ability to make informed decisions about medical treatment, education, legal and other important matters.

Interpreters and translators also have a crucial role in bridging cultural understandings that may not be ordinarily considered.  

The importance of this is why the Malinauskas Government is also investing $4 million over 4 years to support Community Language Schools so we can keep our diverse languages alive for future generations.

But we are currently working to provide additional capacity to the ITC service.

The ITC, part of the Department of Human Services, hopes to recruit people who are:

  • fluent in certain languages and English, as well as have a passion to help others in the community;
  • would like to work on a casual basis;
  • and be willing to get officially qualified for the job.

Currently, the government is calling for trained interpreters particularly in Greek, Italian, Spanish, Khmer and Nepali.

The ITC covers more than 100 languages and receives as many as 270 interpreting requests on any given day. They also offer translation services in more than 60 languages.

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