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Greek community invited to attend online session on Intergenerational Trauma of Pontian Women Refugees




The Greek Australian Women’s Network – Food For Thought Network (FFTN) is set to host an online Zoom session on the 26th June at 7pm on the little discussed yet highly emotive topic of the Intergenerational Trauma of the Pontian Women Refugees.

“Intergenerational Trauma” is the term used to describe deeply traumatising past events, the impacts of which are carried forward to subsequent generations.

The sessions that the FFTN run are aimed at informing, inspiring, educating and often disseminating historical and cultural aspects of our legacy as Greeks of the diaspora.

Despite its regional focus, the topic carries broader significance as the history of the Hellenes is tightly interwoven with strife, war, exile, loss and displacement.

 The discussion is going to be led by the networks guest speaker, psychologist Sofia Georgiadou from Kozani, Greece and will be augmented by three Melbourne-based Pontian women, Roma Siachos, Litsa Athanasiadis and Simela Stamatopoulos.

Ms Georgiadou will be discussing how the shared history, trauma, sense of loss, poverty and displacement experienced by that generation of displaced Pontian men and women.

Register your attendance by clicking here https://www.trybooking.com/BZWJI to receive the zoom link.

More info www.fftn.org.au

Varvara Athanasiou Ioannou – Founder/Chair  FFTN info@fftn.org.au  

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Australia Contact Vice Chair Maria Makris : 0466116654

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