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Greek citizens evacuated from war-torn Israel




A plane carrying more than 80 Greeks from Israel has safely landed at Athens International Airport following the recent Hamas attack.

According to the Greek Foreign Ministry, the 81 passengers were part of a larger group of 149 Greek visitors who were taken to Israel as part of two organised group excursions.

They returned via a direct flight from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

One of the passengers, Katerina Katrakylaki, shared her experience going to Jericho (in the West Bank) amidst the recent attack.

“Fortunately, our agent was very competent and did everything possible. When we departed from Jericho, we learned that it had been struck,” she said.

The passengers landed in Athens just after midnight on Monday night. Photo: Ekathimerini.

“Israel appeared deserted; we were anxious, especially during our journey from Bethlehem to Tel Aviv. We were stopped three times, but fortunately, we were lucky.”

Another passenger, Mr Antonis Zlatanos said leaving Tel Aviv’s airport was challenging.

“They escorted us step by step during the afternoon, and we made our way to the airport. We encountered roadblocks and checkpoints,” he said.

“The situation was challenging… On Saturday, we heard gunshots, which worried us. We crossed ourselves and departed.” 

The current death toll following the Hamas attack on Israel over the weekend has reached over 1100. 

Source: Ekathimerini.

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