Greece begins repatriation of citizens stranded in Israel


Greece’s Foreign Ministry has initiated procedures for the repatriation of 149 Greek citizens who are currently in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

This announcement was made on Sunday, October 8, 2023, through an official statement released by the foreign ministry.

According to the statement, the Greek Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Greek Consulate in Jerusalem are in constant contact with the Greek citizens residing in the affected areas.

Their primary objective is to ensure the safe return of these individuals to Greece after Hamas launched a large-scale offensive against Israel from the Gaza Strip, breaking through the Gaza–Israel barrier and forcing entry into Gaza border crossings, nearby Israeli cities, adjacent military installations, and civilian settlements on October 7.

As of now, a total of 149 Greek visitors have been identified in the area. The foreign ministry has wasted no time in setting in motion the necessary procedures to facilitate their secure transfer to the airport, where they will begin their journey back to Greece.

The repatriation efforts are a response to the challenging circumstances in the region, emphasising the Greek government’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens abroad.

5,000 Israeli reservists to return home via Athens to join the armed forces:

In response to the large-scale surprise attack by Gaza militants on Israel on Saturday, approximately 5,000 Israeli reservists are set to depart from Athens on twenty flights bound for their home country.

Israel has been carrying out retaliatory air strikes in Gaza. Photo: EPA.

Sources within the Israeli Embassy in Athens have disclosed to the Associated Press that this mass departure is not the result of an organised airlift operation. Instead, it stems from airlines responding to a surge in demand from Israeli citizens eager to rejoin the armed forces.

The decision to greenlight land operations in the Gaza Strip underscores the gravity of the situation and the Israeli government’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by the ongoing tensions in the region.

As these reservists prepare to return to their homeland, the international community closely watches the evolving situation in the Middle East, with concerns over the potential implications of this significant military deployment.

Emergency telephone number of the Embassy of Greece in Tel Aviv: +972544808297. Emergency telephone number of the Consulate General of Greece in Jerusalem: +972523032253




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