Greek Australian Maria Skyllas-Kazacos joins Tivan’s Technical Advisory Group


Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, a chemical engineer globally renowned as the inventor of Valadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB), has joined Tivan’s Technical Advisory Group.

The company, which recently established a technical advisory group to provide independent technical advice on a range of strategic project matters, shared the news on Twitter.

The company said “Ms Skyllas-Kazacos‘ presence will significantly enhance Tivan’s corporate profile and her technical knowledge and experience will be keenly sought in developing and standardising the global value chain in VRFB.”

Ms Skyllas-Kazacos is an electrochemist and the inventor of the VRFB, filing her first of 40 patents on the battery in 1986 after an already stellar scientific career.

While most people know the lithium ion battery, VRFB batteries are playing a more crucial role on large-scale energy storage, especially in remote locations.

The electrochemist has been recognised in science circles for her work, winning the Chemeca, Wiffen, R>K> Murphy and Castner medals, as well as being made a Member of the Order of Australia.

Early Vanadium Battery research team (1988) showing (L-R) Franz Grossmith, Michael Kazacos, Maria and Rodney McDermott with first laboratory prototype vanadium cell.

On her latest appointment at Tivan, Ms Skyllas-Kazacos said: “It’s been a very long wait, but the time for the clean energy transition has finally arrived and I am so happy to see the VRB is being recognised as an important enabling technology for this transition.”

“I was therefore delighted to accept Grant’s invitation to join the Technical Advisory Group at Tivan so that I can help to create a thriving vanadium industry here in Australia,” she concluded.





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