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Chris Lucas launches Grill Americano in Melbourne’s CBD




Chris Lucas is making waves in the Melbourne food scene again with the launch of his new Italian inspired restaurant, Grill Americano.

The Melbournian chef previously broke the mould of restaurants in Melbourne with the opening of Chin Chin, an Asian fusion experience, and then followed by Kisumé, a bold Japanese diner that will keep you lining up.

Grill Americano takes inspiration from the North of Italy and their renowned steakhouses that produce one of Italy’s most famous steak dishes, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, the signature Tuscan dish.

Lucas has brought the authenticity of Italian cooking in the form of handmade Italian pastas, including wagyu pappardelle and saffron taglioni with scampi, along with Italian classics such as cicchetti, tiramisu, biscotti, gelato and vanilla meringata.

What is food without the accompanying sip of a Bellini or a Negroni? Well, this is where the Melbournian chef has not slipped in the slightest. The drinks menu is filled with Italian classic with a modern twist and accompanies the meals beautifully.

The restaurant was designed with Lucas, by long-time collaborator Samantha Eades, and features a show stopping curved white marble piece that frames the bar and parts of the kitchen.

Chris Lucas has brought yet another Melbournian gem to Flinders Lane and we’re sure that it won’t be his last.

Source: Gourmet Traveller

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