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‘Dream come true’: Despina Kotsis’ clothing to feature in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Greek American Despina Kotsis fashion brand Minx New York selected to feature in the upcoming third installment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Maria Stefanidis’ Cypriot heritage inspired her new book ‘The Invisible Thread’

Maria Stefanidis details to The Greek Herald how her Cypriot heritage inspired her new book 'The Invisible Thread.'

Aaron Crinis brings California to a refreshed Bondi Pavillion with new venue

Aaron Crinis is bringing the Californian summer to Bondi Pavillion with the recent launch of his new restaurant, Glory Days.

Desi Vlahos wins at Australia’s Women in Law Awards for the second year

Desi Vlahos was humbled when she discovered she won ‘Wellness Advocate of the Year’ at Australia’s Women in Law Awards.

Margaret Thanos: The Cypriot Australian giving people a masterclass in film directing

Margaret Thanos is an award-winning Cypriot Australian director for theatre and film, based across the United Kingdom and Australia.

Charlotte Markson on turning her Greek grandmother’s doilies into a fashion statement

Designer Charlotte Markson opens up to The Greek Herald about turning her Greek grandmother's doilies into a fashion statement.

‘In search of a better life’: Con Emmanuelle’s new book tells the Cypriot migrant story

There is a less known journey, starting in Cyprus, that Con Emmanuelle is shedding light on with his new book ‘The Corsica’.

Remote archeological site in Crete reveals ancient Roman amphitheatre

Archeologists working in a remote part of Crete have discovered an ancient Roman odeon that they think would have been used for events.



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Australia and Greece among countries committing to a ‘democratic’ internet

Australia and Greece are signing a political commitment that pushes for the internet to be supported by democratic values. 

Debbie Kepitis named in Sydney’s most powerful and influential people in 2022

Racing legacy, Debbie Kepitis, has been placed in the top 20 of Sydney’s most powerful and influential people in 2022. 

New Greek restaurant ‘Klimataria’ opens in the Northern Territory

The opening of the Northern Territory’s newest Greek restaurant ‘Klimataria’ has been a long-time dream for Foula Karambetis and her husband Nick Manikaros.

‘I’ve never smashed a plate in my life’: Jessica Mauboy on her upcoming wedding

Jessica Mauboy has been with her longtime love, Themeli Magripilis, for over a decade and their upcoming wedding has been highly anticipated.

‘My success is their success’: Life coach Connie Theodoridis on her influential Greek upbringing

As an award-winning life and business coach, Connie Theodoridis has dedicated her life to ensuring individuals and businesses.


2035: The end of the Greek community of Australia as we know it (Part Three)

In his previous article professor A.Tamis, referred to the consequences that will follow the year 2035 for the Australian diaspora.

2035: The end of the Greek community of Australia as we know it (Part Two)

In our previous article we referred to the important year 2035, a milestone for the presence and evolution of Hellenism in Australia.

2035: The end of the Greek community of Australia as we know it (Part One)

Thirty years ago, in research and publications, I argued that after 2035, the communities of Greeks in Australia will have completed their first cycle.