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Dakis: One of Greece’s most iconic pop singers




Known for his active presence in the entertainment industry since the 1960’s, Greek actor and singer Dakis is recogised by many as one of Greece’s most iconic pop singers.

Born on the 26th of August 1943 in Alexandria Egypt, he began his career in 1963 where he started singing in clubs and then moved on to studying at the National Theatre of Greece.

Appearing in numerous films, television shows and stage productions, many of his works received several awards including the Greek National Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 1971.

Dakis in one of his films. Photo: YouTube

For many he is best known for his release of several popular songs such as “Monsieur Cannibal,” “Tu veux out tu veus pas” and many other songs in Greek. 

According to Greek Cultural Minister Lina Mendoni, Dakis served the pop genre with ethos and consistency with his smile and kindness making him loved by the public and his colleagues.

Dakis passed away at the age of 79 after a long battle with cancer.  

Source: Celebrity Age

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