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The Lefkadian Brotherhood of Victoria is getting a youth group for first time in 30 years




Greek Australian, Jake Peters, is well known in Melbourne’s Greek community for shining a spotlight on safe underage clubbing through his Greek-inspired business, Kosmos Events.

Now, he can also add another achievement to his list. Jake is currently working with the Lefkadian Brotherhood of Victoria to rebuild its youth group after it has laid dormant since the 1990’s.

The Brotherhood itself was initially established in 1942 by a group of like-minded Lefkadians who wanted to assist poor or sick members of the Brotherhood, as well as preserve the Lefkadian heritage and the continuation of Greek culture.

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Jake Peters.

However, after about 30 years of inactivity, the Brotherhood is again actively seeking to engage all Lefkadians, and in particular the youth, to gather, meet and get to know each other.

“I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to work alongside the Committee and begin to build our youth group. My heart is in Lefkada, I love where my family is from. This brotherhood is so important to me,” Jake tells The Greek Herald about his new role.

“My family always tells me of the fun they had back in the day when they were attending all the youth events. It’s now my time to bring it back and build it back up to how it used to be! I can not wait to get this journey underway, and make not only my family proud, but make Lefkada proud!”

As Jake explains, many Lefkadians, now in their 40s, 50s and 60s, are now parents and grandparents who have very fond memories of the bonds and experiences made at the Brotherhood during their youth.

It’s this which the new committee seeks to revive and President of the Board of the Brotherhood, Alexandra Daglas, tells The Greek Herald she has no doubts Jake is up to the task.

“The Board is very excited that Jake has agreed to work with us and spearhead the Lefkadian youth revival,” Ms Daglas says.

“We have complete confidence that he will succeed in encouraging young Lefkadians back to our Lefkaditiko Spiti and to be proud of their Lefkadian roots. We can’t wait to see the hall full with the future generation.”

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