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The Hellenic Initiative’s global end of year appeal raises $80,000 for children’s education




Seeking to improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children in Greece, The Hellenic Initiative’s (THI) joint 2023 End of Year Appeal raised $80,000 worldwide for SOS Children’s Villages Greece educational programs.

All three chapters of the global philanthropic family, THI, THI Australia and THI Canada joined together in the ‘Oli Mazi’ spirit in support of the same cause.

“We know that education is key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage and intergenerational poverty and all gifts, small and large for SOS Children’s Villages Greece will make a meaningful impact”, said Nick Pappas AM, THI Australia’s President.

The Hellenic Initiative's global end of year appeal raises $80,000 for children's education
The Hellenic Initiative’s global end of year appeal raises $80,000 for children’s education.

Founded in 2012, THI is a global non-profit organisation that brings together Diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes to invest in Greece through programs focused on economic development and crisis relief. Since its founding, THI has collectively invested more than $21 million in Greece.

This year THI Australia, a registered charity in Australia, celebrates its 10th anniversary.
SOS Children’s Villages has been operating in Greece since 1975 and it is the world’s largest organisation focused on ensuring that children and young people without parental care grow up with the care and support they need to become their strongest selves.

“I will always fondly remember the first THI event that took place in New York eleven years ago. This was the beginning of THI’s great humanitarian initiative which has brought relief and help to thousands of children and people in need,” said George Protopapas, National Director, SOS Children’s Villages Greece.

Donations from the End of Year Appeal to SOS Children’s Villages Greece will enable children from low-socioeconomic communities to reach their full potential. A gift of $30 will cover a portion of the costs
to ensure 5 children receive educational assistance in Greek, Math and literacy. Larger gifts increase the number of beneficiaries proportionally and add English classes, STEM education, healthy snacks, and well-being activities.

Through the Education and Social centers overseen by SOS Children’s Villages Greece, our grant will also empower parents facing financial or educational obstacles. Each academic year up to 2,000 children aged 8 to 17 from local communities and up to 1,500 parents access the amazing support offered at the centres. This assistance increases the resilience, psychosocial well-being, and self-esteem of
all participants.

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