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Archbishop Makarios pays a visit to Greek scientist developing coronavirus vaccination




His Eminence Archbishop Makarios has paid a visit to doctors working on the coronavirus vaccine during his three-day visit to Melbourne.

His Eminence received a special invitation from the University of Victoria, specifically from the head of research for the treatment of COVID-19, Dr Vasso Apostolopoulo.

Also present at the meeting were Corinne Reid, Vice President for Research, Ross Coller, Director of Scientific Progress, and Yvette Petersen, Director of Scientific Development at the University.

His Eminence briefed on the current research progress. Photo: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

The scientists presented to His Eminence the current research progress on discovering drugs and vaccines to help fight coronavirus, with the Archbishop also asking questions regarding the type of work conducted.

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It should be noted that the Archbishop was accompanied by Archdeacon Mr. Athenagoras, also a Doctor of Physics at Stanford University, and the Director of the Archbishop’s Office, Deacon Mr. Christoforos.

His Eminence proceeded to visit the workshops, congratulating and blessing the efforts of the Greek researcher and her collaborators.

“I am very optimistic that the research currently being carried out at this Research Centre will bear fruit and that we will soon have the tools to fight the pandemic. I wish and pray that the time of God will come and that humanity will be saved,” His Eminence said.

Ms. Apostolopoulou also stressed that “we asked for special permission to bring Archbishop Makarios to the workshops and bless us. Because he himself has research experience, he can understand our struggle. We want his support, his blessing and his prayers.”

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