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Filipino-Greek couple welcome international students into their Melbourne home




A Melbourne-based Filipino-Greek couple has opened their home to international students from the Philippines to help them avoid feeling homesick while visiting Australia.

The married couple, Elias and Angelina Chambi, who have been living in Australia for more than 10 years, shared with SBS that although they are of different ethnicities, they share the same values and beliefs.

“I am lucky because more or less we have the same culture, hospitable, generous, very kind, welcoming,” Angelina said.

Elias added that “if you marry a Filipina, you marry the whole country.”

Angelina and Elias.
Angelina and Elias. Photo: SBS.

The couple decided to take in the Filipino students and give them a home-away-from-home by hosting various celebrations at their home.

As feeling homesick was something one could not avoid while being away from their loved ones,  Angelina said connecting to ones roots may help ease the negative feelings.

“You need to connect with people, especially Filipinos, to lessen your stress with homesickness and your academics as international students,” Angelina said.

Source: SBS.

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