Melina Aslanidou wants to bring ‘a celebration of joy’ to the Antipodes Festival


As the weekend approaches, Melina Aslanidou is preparing to take the stage at the Antipodes Festival in Melbourne.

The acclaimed international singer and former The Voice of Greece judge will be performing on Saturday, February 24 at the Antipodes Festival.

She is most known for her popular Greek pop songs including ‘To Lathos,’ ‘De Vazeis Mialo,’ ‘Nero kai Homa’ and ‘I Efhi.’

Aslanidou spoke to The Greek Herald ahead of her performance, and said the Antipodes Festival would be her first ever Greek festival event here in Australia.

“People should expect a celebration of joy,” Melina said. “I’m going to be singing all the songs that we all know and love. I feel really good and very emotional.”

The Greek singer said she has visited Australia many times, with the first time being 17-18 years ago.

“It’s very beautiful here in Australia,” Melina said.

“The Greek community here is also beautiful, and congratulations to you all for what you do and what you have. You are keeping Greece alive.

“It’s so nice to see that third and fourth generation Greeks are learning our language, it is so important. Well done and congratulations to all the parents here who contribute to make this happen.”

Aslanidou said she was very happy to have gained the opportunity to perform at the Antipodes Festival.

melina aslanidou
Melina Aslanidou.

“I am so happy,” the singer said.

“This [the festival] is going to be a celebration of joy and love for our beautiful country, Greece.

“I’ve experienced something similar [in terms of Greek festivals] in Canada, but I’m so happy and lucky that I get to be in Australia, perform and be a part of this festival.”

Aslanidou will also take the stage at the Greek Fest at Darling Harbour in Sydney for the 20th-anniversary edition event on Sunday, February 25.

To find out more information about the festivals, visit Antipodes Festival and Greek Festival of Sydney.




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