‘Dream come true’: Despina Kotsis’ clothing to feature in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3


Dreams became reality for 23-year-old Greek American Despina Kotsis when her fashion brand Minx New York was selected to feature in the upcoming third installment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

After starting Minx New York when she was just 18 years old, the business had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But as the world started opening up again this year, the brand slowly started re-growing its presence on social media and grabbed the attention of famous actress Nia Vardalos. Vardalos loved Despina’s designs so much she asked to feature them in her upcoming film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

The Greek Herald spoke with the young designer about this exciting opportunity and how it felt to be recognised by Vardalos.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Despina Kotsis and I am a 23-year-old streetwear designer from Brooklyn, New York. I am a proud Greek American with roots from Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and Euboea. I attend St. Johns
University and I am in my final year of my masters for childhood education. My clothing brand Minx
New York was started in my senior year of high school in 2018, when I was 18 years old.

It has been a journey I must say. When COVID-19 hit, I had to stop selling my clothes. I felt as if my dreams were crushed. I knew in the long run that everything would be okay, I just had to trust the process. When things started to get better for the world, and I could start selling my clothes again, I decided to direct and produce a video about how COVID-19 reflected my dreams and my brand.

Detail your journey to fashion design.

As a kid, art has always been my favourite subject in school and as I got older, my love for art grew
stronger. I have always loved fashion ever since I was a little girl. Since I was a kid, I would sketch my
own designs for clothes and I was always drawing. I always dreamed of inspiring people when I was
older. I got a sewing machine growing up but I did not know how to sew so I gave up, but it wasn’t
until then that streetwear blew my mind. I started to put a lot of thought behind my designs and
sketch. I later found a manufacturer and I started to print my designs out on shirts and hoodies to
sell. I used social media as a tool to really get the word out about my brand. I get to work and meet
with so many new people when doing modelling shoots, which is awesome.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Minx New York’?

Minx New York is inspired by my beautiful city – New York City. I am so proud to be a New Yorker and to live in the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” I absolutely love how diverse NYC is. It’s a giant melting pot with a mix of cultures. I chose the pigeon to be the symbolic logo of Minx because I wanted people to realise that they also have their own set of wings, like the pigeons, that need to be spread when living their lives. The slogan of Minx New York was #SpreadYourWings to inspire people to live life to the fullest. People really need to understand that life is too short, so they need to make the best of it.

How does your Greek heritage influence your work?

My Greek heritage influences my journey and work because it truly represents who I am and my
culture. Right now, the mati design I have created called the “DOPE EYE” has been one of my best
sellers. My dope eye design was inspired by the Greek mati with a modern twist. Along my whole
journey though, I have always had the strong and loving support from the Greek community and I am truly blessed. I want to say thank you so much and I am so proud to represent them. The love I have for Greece is everlasting.

Your designs are now featuring in the upcoming film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.’ How does that feel?

I have truly been blessed along every step of this journey. It has been quite unbelievable! I still am shocked that my brand is going to be featured in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3! It truly is a dream come true and I am so excited for the movie to come out! Nia Vardalos has been a huge supporter of mine throughout my whole journey and I want to thank her for everything she has done in continuously supporting my business and dream throughout the years.

I still have not met Nia and when I do, I am going to give her the biggest hug! If it was not for her support I truly would not have been where I am today. Over the summer, Nia followed me on Instagram and told me she wanted to include my dope eye design which she has been a fan of and wore a hoodie in the past, now in the upcoming film. I can’t believe I am saying this but keep a dope eye out for Minx New York in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3!

You can follow Despina @deskotsis and my clothing brand @minxnewyork on Instagram.




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