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‘I’ve never smashed a plate in my life’: Jessica Mauboy on her upcoming wedding




Jessica Mauboy has been with her longtime love, Themeli Magripilis, for over a decade and their upcoming wedding has been highly anticipated as the blending of their respective cultures.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Mauboy talks about all the customs and traditions she is looking forward to experiencing when their day finally arrives.

The Australian pop star talks about the foundations of her relationship with Magripilis and how important it was for their families to create a strong bond and really get to know each other.

“We have been together since 2009 and established our family grounds early on,” Jessica says.

“It took two years of both families getting to know each other, and they’re good buddies now. That mattered to us.”

The nuptials are set to take place sometime this year with Jessica stating that they want to do something local so that they can have everyone they love in one space.

“The plan is to get the message out so that family stay put and don’t travel too far,” she says.

“My ideal ceremony is catching up with mob I have missed out on seeing recently and reconnecting with loved ones.”

photo: Jessica Mauboy/Instagram

Blending the vibrant cultures they come from, Jessica says she is excited to try some new traditions from her future husbands side, including the smashing of plates which she has never done before.

“I haven’t experienced the smashing of plates at a Greek wedding but I can’t wait to do it at mine,” the pop star says.

“I’ve never smashed a plate in my life – now that will be cool!”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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