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Tsitsipas loses his cool as he suffers ATP Cup loss to Nick Kyrgios




Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios has defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final round of ATP Cup group stage. The match is sure to be remembered as action-filled, featuring three tie-breakers and Tsitsipas’ loss of control.

Nick Kyrgios, ATP Cup 2020

With emotions running high, Tsitsipas lashed out with his tennis racket on his player chair, accidentally hitting his dad Apostolos in the process. Tsitsipas was also told off by his mum, who approached the players viewing area to yell at her son for lashing out.

Moments later, Tsitsipas smashed a ball towards his dad after losing a key point, suffering an in-match point penalty.

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In the confusion, Kyrgios told his corner “I’m not even clowning around a lot” as he struggled to understand Tsitsipas’ harsh reactions.

Kyrgios defeated the Greek international 6-7, 7-6, 6-7, with the game remaining tight during the course of the match. Each player delivered strong serves, matching each other set for set until the tie-breaker, where Kyrgrios took the first and third sets.

The match saw great performances from both professionals, with many extended rallies and showboating on display. Kyrgios’ powerful serves proved too much for Tsitsipas at times, however the Greek professional held his own well during long rallies.

The two Greeks faced each other immediately after Australian John Millman defeated the Greek youngster Michail Pervolarakis 6-4, 1-6, 6-7.

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Greece had previously lost to Germany only a few days prior in a nail-biting tie breaker doubles match, with today’s match taking their loss tally to three in the ATP Cup.

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