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Remembering the late great Pontian Mihalis Haralambides




The global Pontian community has been in mourning following the death of one of the greatest living Pontians Mihalis Haralambides last week.

Haralambides was born in Alexandroupolis, and was politically and culturally active from a young age.

His list of achievements over six decades of service to Hellenism is extensive. Amongst his greatest was his proposal for 19 May to be commemorated as the Remembrance Day of the Genocide of the Hellenes of Pontos.

President of the Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia Esta Paschalidis- Chilas paid tribute to Haralambides.

“He is an example of Pontian Hellenisms determination in an endless pursuit of justice for our ancestors. He was a bright light showing us the way forward and to accept our hidden and often ignored post generational trauma,” Mrs Paschalidis-Chilas said.

“We will forever honour his life and we shall be committed to carry on the work until all governments around the world recognise the truth of what happened to our people.”

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