Shane Patrikis faces Sydney court over domestic violence charges against pregnant partner


Shane Patrikis pleaded guilty at Taree Local Court on March 25 to a series of shocking domestic violence crimes against his pregnant partner.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Patrikis allegedly doused his partner with lighter fluid and threatened to set her on fire; on another occasion, Patrikis hit the Mid-North Coast victim in the nose while she breastfed, mocking her tears as blood flowed over her.

Taree Local Court heard the 27-year-old was granted bail following an attack in June of last year. Bail was revoked less than a month later, following another violent outburst.

Patrikis demanded his partner go to bed at certain times, wear certain clothes and threatened to “take off” with their baby once it was born.

Patrikis choked the woman, among other shocking domestic violence acts.

On June 19, during an attack, Patrikis had tossed lighter fluid over his wife and threatened to “light you up” if she “didn’t wear something comfy around the house.”

Patrikis’ partner’s father arrived at the scene soon after. She grabbed his arm and pleaded: “Please don’t leave – he is here and on the ice [methamphetamines].”

When the father attempted to approach, Patrikis grabbed a boning knife, making threats to take his own life and those of others, exclaiming “because I’ve got mental health, I’ll get away with it. It doesn’t matter.”

Patrikis pleaded guilty to choking, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, stalking and intimidation, threatening to injure a person and two counts of using an offensive weapon with intent; he also pleaded guilty to breaching an AVO and four counts of common assault.

Patrikis is due to be sentenced in the District Court on April 22.

Source: The Daily Telegraph




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