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‘I’m not taking welfare benefits’: Ervita Katehis is in no rush to find a new job




New York waitress, Ervita Katehis, lost her job in October but she tells The Australian Financial Review she’s in no rush to find a new job.

Katehis also won’t take welfare because of how it might affect her credit rating. She wants to buy a house next year and knows banks will turn her away if she registered for unemployment benefits.

“I am not taking welfare benefits. I won’t ask because the bank will ask if I get a loan,” she says.

The waitress isn’t the only American making this choice. According to recent statistics, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in the United States has fallen to 2 million from 18 million at the beginning of the year.

US President Joe Biden.

Another 200,000 new jobs were also registered in November and the overall number of people entering the workforce has risen.

US President Joe Biden said these statistics show that “America is back to work and our jobs recovery is going very strong.”

For Katehis, this means she can turn to the gig economy to make some money before starting to look for a job in the new year in the industry she wants. She says there are plenty of jobs out there.

“I am continuing to look for the same work in hospitality, but I want to make sure I make the same money or better,” she concludes.

Source: The Australian Financial Review.

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