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‘No limits’ on who can get vaccinated, NSW Government tells multicultural communities




NSW Minister for Multiculturalism Natalie Ward and Dr. Jan Fizzell spoke to multicultural media on Wednesday about the vaccination rollout and targeting COVID-19 messaging for ethnic communities. 

On their agenda was getting everybody in the country vaccinated as soon as possible once supply becomes available. 

“We’re not placing any limits on anyone in this country getting vaccinated,” Minister Ward told the virtual congregation, noting that she would be “advocating strongly” for everybody to have access to the vaccine. 

Dr. Fizzell reiterated that “anyone who is currently in Australia is eligible for a vaccine”, noting that NSW Health’s concern is getting Australians inoculated safely. 

“The Australian government has made clear that … there are some particular centres, like the state vaccination hub and some Commonwealth vaccination hubs, where you don’t need a Medicare card.”

She says NSW Health “will have more special clinics available in places like refugee services and community services” once supply becomes available.  

Answering a question from the Greek Herald, Minister Ward said, “…[NSW] Health has been very keen on rolling out vaccination hubs wherever possible and we are working on trying to get that into communities as soon as we can.”

“But again, we’re restrained by simply the volume of vaccinations that we are given by the Federal government but we’re very keen to get more of those. They are coming, they are not far away I’m told. We have the hubs there and … as soon as we get those doses, we’ll be getting them into arms as soon as possible.”

“We’re trying to do that with people who are there who can translate as we’ve seen in some of the hubs in southwest Sydney and we’re trying to get our multicultural liaison officers out there as well …”

“That’s on the horizon, we’re absolutely working very hard towards that.”

The primary concern of reporters was to seek clarification from NSW Health over the procedures of inoculation for certain groups, including community workers in NSW’s Hunter region, people living with mobility impairments, and children. 

On vaccinating children, Dr. Fizzell says the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will be examining trials in North America before prioritising kids who are most at risk to get vaccinated, and added that GPs will start to offer in-home vaccination once supply becomes available. 

Dr. Fizzell said the lockdown has deterred NSW from seeing an “exponential growth” in cases, despite the number of those infectious while out in the community higher than ever. 

Minister Ward says the NSW government relies on ethnic media outlets and communities to help convey vital health messages. 

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