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Music, dance and slogans filled Thessaloniki’s streets to mark Pride Month




Slogans in favor of gay, bisexual and transgender rights and other music and dance events filled the streets of Thessaloniki on Saturday afternoon as part of the colorful free expression march for the 4th self-organised Thessaloniki Pride.

The procession, which started from the statue of Venizelos, was preceded by a gathering in the Court Square, where the attendees shared personal experiences.

In the square, more than 300 protesters were shouting the event’s main slogan: “Male or female, our life is trapped and normalcy is tainted with blood.”

They were protesting against the racist behaviour they receive and sending a universal message against inequality.

Among other things, body painting, speeches and dance shows were also held, while many carried colorful flags.

In a statement, the participants stressed, among other things, that “even in conditions of pandemic, we are here to show solidarity and care for each other. The situation we are going through is very critical and getting out onto the streets is a necessity. ”

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