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Konstantinos Argiros on Australia’s Greek diaspora and their musical spirit




By Giorgos Psomiadis

The famous Greek singer Konstantinos Argiros toured Australia this month, giving remarkable concerts in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne much to the joy and enthusiasm of the local Greek diaspora. 

Argiros also visited the Greek Centre in Melbourne, where he met with the President of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) Bill Papastergiadis, the Board of Management and the community’s Greek school students, before taking on questions by journalists. 

The Greek Herald asked him how he felt about the reception he received from the Greek community in Australia. 

“I couldn’t believe the strength of Hellenism here,” Argiros answered.

“People knew all my songs, even when I performed songs from the past and from legendary artists, I feel that they know the songs, they wanted them, they wanted to dance them. They wanted to keep doing the zeibekiko, which is a Greek dance and the ‘nisiotika’.

“People are enthusiastic and showed us their love. I could never imagine that I would have that many friends in Australia. A ‘thank you’ is not enough to express how I feel. I would like to thank you all here for what you do for Hellenism and for the Greeks of diaspora who deserve the best.”

On a more personal note, when asked about the importance of taking a step back from his busy schedule in order to review and access his life and career, Argiros said he’s always struggled with this. 

“It is not easy because the rhythms of everyday life are very intense, and the effort we give for something we love is big. Although all these years I hadn’t really realised that I work hard because when you find something you love, it doesn’t tire you out,” the singer said. 

According to Argiros, the lack of sleep, the nerves, failures and successes, all these things make you more mature and a better person to face the insecurities that lie inside us. 

“I try to find the positive in everything I do, as hard as that may be, and there is a time that comes when you have to face your thoughts and look from a distance to be able to see things clearer. To able to zoom in and out so… you can see what is right and what is wrong, what matters, where did you start from, and where do you want to go,” he said.

“I try to do it and sometimes you need to take some breaks, for as much time as you think you should, in order to understand how you want to continue, and make all these a soundtrack of your life. These are my songs.” 


Argiros concluded that he is open to people’s opinions on his music. 

“I like to ask everyone what they like about me, which are their favorite songs, what they believe I should do. When you are open to new things, every person can give you a solution in anything you search. Provided that you express yourself and come close to the people that love you and support you and have something to say to you,” he said.

“Someone could say to me ‘I liked what you did there’ and from that, I will unlock something else and write a song and go on a new journey. Be open. That’s how I feel and I like to communicate face-to-face with the people.”

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