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Meet the two Greek twins awarded the title of ‘Greek Tourism Ambassadors’ in China




Greek twins Marianna and Sofia Erotokritou have been awarded the title of ‘Greek Tourism Ambassadors’ in China by Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis after 6 years of commitment to spreading the Greek culture.

Marianna and Sofia arrived in Beijing 6 years ago, studying international trade and Economics in Chinese. In their spare time, they decided to promote Greece and Cyprus to Chinese locals through videos uploaded online. Some of these videos have over 1,000,000 views.

At the same time, the Erotokritou sisters delivered short-term Greek language courses to more than 2,000 online students.

As the two countries look to strengthen their tourism relations, Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis awarded the two sisters the title of “Ambassadors for Hellenic Tourism” for the “market of China”.

“It is our great honour and at the same time a huge responsibility to promote our beautiful country in China!” the sisters said in an Instagram post.

The title is awarded for a period of two years with the possibility of renewal, while the framework of cooperation concerns the following actions:

– promotion of thematic forms of tourism, through social media and other digital media, on a weekly basis.

– emphasis on the promotion of gastronomic tourism, with posts on a weekly basis.

– representation of the Greek tourist product in events related to the Chinese market.

Haris Theoharis emphasised the title of “Ambassador of Greek Tourism” is honorary and no fee is paid.

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