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Greek sailing coach refuses to apologise in court for allegedly raping 11-year-old athlete




A Greek sailing coach said he “still loved” the now 21-year-old woman in court yesterday as he was detained and sentenced to temporary detention.

An arrest warrant was issued by the First Instance Prosecutor in Athens, Nikos Stefanatos, last Friday after he reportedly carried out preliminary investigations over the weekend and received the testimonies of the now 21-year-old sailing athlete and her parents.

The “relationship” became public knowledge on Friday, when the accused revealed on television that he had an affair with the athlete when she was 11.

The Greek coach faced charges for aggravated rape, repeated seduction and misconduct in court yesterday.

He arrived at the building shortly after 9:30 a.m., yet did not begin to apologise. Instead, he wished for his parents to be the first to testify as defence witnesses.

According to Greek media, the sailing coach still declares that he is in love with the athlete after 10 years. 

“I did not rape her, I categorically deny it. I still love her. I know I will be punished, I must be punished for what happened. Be patient, when I get out of prison I will marry her,” he reportedly said.

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