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Hellenic Club of Canberra announces new office concepts as part of expansion plans




The Hellenic Club of Canberra has announced their new development plans for their Woden office space. The announcement comes with a two-stage development plan in order to properly deliver the vision the club has for the future.

According to the newly released plans, the existing building will get the ultimate facelift. A 16-storey office tower will be situated right next to 12-storey, 15-room hotel with a new auditorium donning a 2000-seat theatre. 

Earlier this month, The Greek Herald spoke with the President of the Hellenic Club, Andrew Satsias, and he spoke about the future plans for the club and its goal to become a precinct. 

“We’re in the midst of strategic planning… It’s a reality that has to take place quickly because poker machines, which have been our primary source of income for some time, are declining in support from the politicians here,” Mr Satsias says. 

“As part of that, there’s a number of things we’re looking at as to how we can generate that alternative income for the Club and that includes greater entertainment, potential office, and commercial space.

“We want it to be a new precinct.”

The Club has mentioned that the current facilities will remain but would likely be revamped to match the rest of the new club plans. Plans are in place for construction to start in late 2023. 

Source: The Riot Act

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