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Greek Orthodox Community of NSW expresses solidarity with Palestinians




The Board of Directors of the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales (GOCNSW) has issued a statement today expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine and calling for an end to the Israeli occupation and for the immediate entry of humanitarian aid.

In the statement, the GOCNSW Board said “Israel’s response to the reprehensible Hamas attack is disproportionate to the measures that should be taken.”

“The Israeli response has left thousands of civilians dead and thousands wounded from the constant bombardment,” the statement reads.

“The ongoing destruction of the hospital facilities of roads, bridges, power stations and mobile hospital units in the Gaza Strip can only be interpreted as an act of revenge that will only serve to further increase resentment towards the State of Israel by the Arab and international communities.”

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The Greek Orthodox Community of NSW has expressed solidarity with Palestinians.

The GOCNSW Board added that “Israel’s actions combined with the clear indifference of the United States risk plunging the entire region into long-term instability with the cost in human lives spiralling out of control.”

“The GOCNSW believes it is abundantly clear that the bombing of buildings within residential areas is morally reprehensible and in violation of the Geneva Conventions which set out the Rules of Engagement,” the statement reads.

“Such actions, supported by the United States, are harmful to already strained relations and push the peace process further into disrepute.”

On the issue of an independent Palestinian state, the GOCNSW said it believes in its creation. They also called for “the return of refugees to their homes in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions, as well as the release of all prisoners on both sides.”

“Israeli and Palestinian people can live side by side in peace and prosperity, each in their own homeland,” the Board said.

The statement ends with the GOCNSW Board condemning “any incitement of racial hatred and anti-Semitism against Israelis or Palestinians.”

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