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Athens recognised in Time Out’s best cities in the world for culture




Coming in at fifth position, Athens has been recognised in Time Out’s list for best cities in the world for culture in 2023.

To determine the results, a survey was conducted where 21,000 city dwellers across the globe were asked about the quality and affordability of their city’s cultural scene.

Grace Beard, Travel Editor of Time Out said, that the most essential factors that helped make the final decision was how the locals rated the cultural scene and how affordable it was for people.

Part of Athens cultural scene includes the Acropolis Museum. Photo: Why Athens.

In 2023, Athens was recognised for its noteworthy Acropolis and museums which many locals have acknowledged as their favourite cultural venue in the city.

As many of the city dwellers mentioned, Athens is the global center for the arts and is proving to be an area gripped by its own history.

Source: Daily Mail

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