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Greek Cypriot woman in detention in north Cyprus after illegally fleeing from domestic violence




A 32-year-old Greek Cypriot woman who has been living in northern Cyprus for several years, has been put in detention in the north away after reportedly trying to end her life.

The woman reportedly tried to jump off the fourth floor of a building in Kyrenia in northern Cyprus, and was arrested after she stopped herself from doing so. She was then taken to court which ordered her to three days of detention.

She was allegedly trying to end her life after her boyfriend left her.

After her arrest, it emerged that she has been living illegally in the north since 2015. The woman reportedly told court that her ex-husband was abusing her and her son and for that reason she took him and escaped to the north. The boy is reportedly now seven years old.

She said she could not leave the north because of a pending court case against her for the abduction of a minor, when she tried to cross to the south with her son.

Her son was taken away from her and she is now not allowed to see him. She claims her ex-husband was making all arrangements to take the boy with him to Turkey.

The woman also said she was in a dire financial situation and had sought assistance from authorities on both sides without any response.

She said her family and her brother who is an archimandrite, cut her off after her decision to marry a Turk.

Sourced via Cyprus Mail.

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