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Greece’s high court blocks construction of high buildings around Acropolis




The Environment Ministry announced a number of special terms and building restrictions that will be enforced around the immediate suburbs that surround the Acropolis in an effort to protect the wider area from illegal construction. 

According to the approved draft, construction in the wider Makrygianni-Koukaki area at the base of the Acropolis can only be approved and carried out within the parameters of three zones, with heights ranging from 17.5 metres to 24 metres maximum. 

The ministry said the aim of these new terms and restrictions is to preserve the area around the Acropolis and showcase it through ‘transparent legal framework.’

There has been a public outcry for these restrictions or terms to come into place after a 10-story hotel almost was being built within the archaeological site of the Acropolis, if permitted to continue it would have completely blocked the view of the heritage listed site. 

The issue prompted investigation from the environment and culture ministries to ensure that any gaps in zoning laws are corrected and provisions are put in place to allow intervention in order to preserve the integrity of the Acropolis site. 

Deputy Environment Minister, Nikos Tagaras told the Athens News Agency, this draft opens up the way for investments that are greatly needed within the area and opens up development potential for the future. 

“It was our responsibility to protect the Acropolis and at the same time to highlight and preserve the special urban, aesthetic, historical and architectural character of the area by clearly defining the building terms,” Tagaras said. 

Source: Greek Travel Pages

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