‘A day of celebration for Greeks and Philhellenes’: Australian Ambassador to Greece Arthur Spyrou


The Ambassador of Australia to Greece, Arthur Spyrou, has sent an exclusive message to The Greek Herald to mark the 201st anniversary since the start of the Greek War of Independence.

In the message, Ambassador Spyrou honours the heroes of the Greek Revolution, congratulates the Greek community on their role in the development of Australia, and emphasises how in the current geopolitical situation Greece and Australia are again allies and on the same side of history.

The full message, as told to Nick Siriodis, is below.

“March 25 – the day on which National Polygenesis is celebrated. It is a day of celebration for Greeks and Philhellenes everywhere. It is also a special day of joy and pride for one of the most active and vibrant Greek communities in the world, the Greek community of Australia, which despite the distance maintains prosperous ties with the land of its ancestors.

Every year, numerous Greek Australian communities honour their ties to Greece with events across Australia. This may not have been possible over the last two years due to COVID-19 restrictions but now all of us, the Greeks of Australia, hope that with the gradual return to normalcy we will be able to meet again and celebrate Greek National Day as it deserves to be celebrated.

The 201st anniversary of the Greek Revolution is an occasion to pay tribute to the prominent and lesser-known heroes of the war, to celebrate the impressive path the country has taken over the past two centuries, and to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that Greece can seize in the future. At the same time, it is an occasion for Greek Australians to celebrate their strong ties with Greece and to reflect on the ways they can strengthen them for the benefit of both countries.

Ambassador Spyrou.

The Greek community has made a decisive contribution to the progress of the Australian nation, contributing to the full range of social, economic, political and cultural activity and participating in shaping the multicultural character of society. It is also a traditional bridge between Greece and Australia and has proven to play a key role in expanding and enhancing bilateral cooperation by promoting synergies in the fields of culture, education, sport, trade and investment.

Finally, the anniversary of 1821 is an occasion to reflect on the common values ​​that unite Australia and Greece, the unwavering belief of both countries in the values of democracy, the rule of law, respect for international law and, especially in the current context, in the supreme good of freedom. At major historical crossroads, Australia and Greece have found allies and rivals.

We are bound by bonds that were forged through common struggles on the battlefields and in the current geopolitical situation, Australia and Greece are again allies on the same side of history. At this historic crossroads, let us reflect again on the value of freedom and the hard, daily struggles it requires to conquer and protect its essence.”




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