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Outrage in Greece as young woman’s body found in sea off the island of Folegandros




A 26-year-old woman whose body was found in the sea off the island of Folegandros on Friday was alive when she was pushed to the sea from a rocky coast by her 30-year-old boyfriend, according to the coroner’s report.

The report gives drowning as the cause of death. The body has multiple injuries, apparently from striking rocks.

Her boyfriend has confessed to killing her after an argument. The car they both were riding on swerved off the road near the beach of Lygaria in the northern part of the island; the couple got out and continued arguing. 

Fishermen later spotted her body floating close to the beach. The boyfriend was found several hours later, apparently wandering aimlessly.

According to media reports, he told police the murder happened in “the heat of the moment.”

The car they both were riding on swerved off the road near the beach of Lygaria. Photo: Keep Talking Greek.

The victim, known only as Garyfalia, was from a village near the city of Corinth in the Peloponnese. She and her eventual murderer had gone to Folegandros on a camping holiday.

Speaking to Skai TV, the victim’s mourning mother called the murderer a “coward.”

”Teach your boys to be manly, to respect women. To not be thugs. I wish I could say a last ‘I Love You’ to my daughter,” she appealed to others.

“I don’t believe in the bad moment. I believe in bad people and bad behaviors. We’ll do something for Garyfalia so that no other girls die like that. It is a femicide.”

Garyfalia is the latest victim of a series of murders against women in Greece. There have been ten femicides in 2019- 2020 alone. In May this year, 20-year-old British-born young mother Caroline Grouch was murdered by her 33-year-old Greek husband who is in jail pending trial.

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Source: Ekathimerini.

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