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Deep emotion behind each one of Caroline Rovithi’s Greek-inspired artworks




Born in Germany with a Greek-German background, Caroline Rovithi captures two cultures in her art that is simply described with one word. Breathtaking.

The Greek Herald spoke with Caroline to find out more about her artistic journey and how her artwork is influenced by her Greek culture.

You’re a self taught artist, what got you interested in pursuing art as a life-long career?

When I am creating a work of art I feel an abundance of emotions that feed my soul. It is like an ideal “relationship” that is constantly renewed. Full of intensity, passion, madness, love, words and emotions, that define and guide my life. It is the reason for my existence.

Can you talk a bit about the inspiration behind most of the artworks you do now?

Definitely G R E E C E !! This country is a work of art, a masterpiece which I am blessed and privileged to experience everyday. Living in Greece gives me the strength and drive to create art, to inspire, motivate, and celebrate my country. My mission is to promote Hellenism and the love for Greece worldwide by creating bright, bold, and empowering works of art showcasing the beauty, spirit and strength of my country even in turbulent times.

How have your artworks progressed over the years in terms of artistic improvement as well as your conceptual understanding of art?

Both my constant restlessness as an artist and my year long experience as a creative director have contributed in developing a unique skill of combining ideas, concepts and visuals and transforming them into an artwork.

What has been your favourite piece of artwork? Why? 

There are 2 of them

The first one:

The “Crying Greek flag” which I created during a challenging period for Greece with the economic crisis rising. It is a large Greek flag, standing strong and proud although it is hurting and crying. At that time I was living abroad and every time I visited Greece I came across sad people, having huge financial difficulties, coping with anxiety while feeling helpless and at a dead end. This first flag is how all these emotions where expressed. That was the beginning of my series of conceptual artworks about my country.

The second one:

A few years later I created the “ New tsarouchi Air” during the peek of the the crisis, I wanted to emphasize that “WE CAN DO IT”, Greeks can do it! I used the tsarouchi shoe, an object with tradition and heritage, and “upgrated” it so it can ”adjust” to the new era of Greece without loosing it’s identity.

Can you tell me about your latest project?

For the past 1 ½ year I have been working with all my heart on “ALL YOU NEED IS GREECE” an inspirational project I have created to promote Hellenism and love for Greece worldwide.

It includes :

  • my new book that will be published in October 2021 (www.keybooks.gr) a colorful & emotional  “coffee table – art book” with a collection of conceptual artworks that capture the essence of the Hellas. Ιconic symbols bridge history with the modern era, blending Greece’s heroic past with bright colors and contemporary imagery, while accompanied by texts of important Greeks. 
  • 2 short films that will promote the concept

I am very honored that this project will be under the auspices of EOT (Greek National Tourism Organization) and I want to express my gratitude to its  President of Ms. Angela Gerekou who believed in this and supports me from the first moment.

What influences and motivates you to keep making new artworks and continue to strive for improvement? 

I want to inspire people through my art, to create an emotional connection, that makes them smile, dream, believe, travel … If I can accomplish that for at least one other human being my life has a meaning, a purpose.

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