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Greece sees 300% price increase for protective masks as a result of coronavirus scares




In a similar situation to Australia, Greek hospitals and pharmacies have seen a significant lack of protective masks in the market. This has resulted in speculated corporate profiteering at the expense of hospitals and citizens taking precautions over concern about possible outbreaks of coronavirus and flu. 

According to a statement by the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees (POEDIN), citizens’ concern over EODY and Ministry of Health reports, to which they consider coronavirus cases highly probable, has caused a stir among the Greek community. 

Hospitals and health centres, due to influenza and preparation for the occurrence of the coronavirus, have an increased need for mask supplies. 

The result is that the price for the purchase of simple surgical and high protection masks has increased by 300% in recent days. 

“We are talking about Hospitals that buy masks out of contract or Hospitals that have no contracts at all and there are many. Hospitals need to have large quantities of masks at this time so they will be forced to buy them on the ‘black market.’ To justify profiteering, there are shortcomings,” POEDIN says. 

“Disgust for which the government needs to intervene because the hospitals’ low budgets will not withstand and what will happen we will run out of masks. In addition, masks are necessary for citizens if not for the coronavirus disease but also for seasonal influenza. No one can speculate on them nor on the Health Units,” POEDIN says. 

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