The Yeeros Shop opens second store in Annandale


After 50 years as a beloved eatery in Marrickville’s Little Athens, The Yeeros Shop has opened its doors in Annandale, Sydney, marking a new chapter for this iconic Greek institution.

Since it was founded in 1968, The Yeeros Shop has been an icon in the authentic Greek cuisine; capturing the hearts of locals and food enthusiasts alike with dishes that speak to the soul of Greek culture.

As you step into The Yeeros Shop Annandale, you’ll instantly be transported to a local taverna on the Greek islands. The cosy space, reminiscent of a traditional Greek restaurant, features earthy toned walls and cobblestone-patterned flooring, blending simple Greek aesthetics with modern touches.

the yeeros shop

The Yeeros Shop, however, is more than just its authentic interiors – it’s a symbol of community and family.

Founded by Yiannis Benetos in 1968 and owned by Kostas Tomaras & Poppy Papadopoulos since 2012, the shop has built strong and loyal relationships with its customers over the decades. Kostas, having previously run another nine Yeeros Shops across Greece, found a second home at The Yeeros Shop in Marrickville after migrating to Australia in 2010 with his family.

Together, the partners have since renovated their iconic Marrickville location and now expanded their venture to their new store in Annandale.

the yeeros shop

Open seven days a week, The Yeeros Shop continues to serve their fan-favourites, including their signature lamb yeeros stuffed with lamb, vegetables, tzatziki and paprika, alongside milk bar hamburgers, steak sandwiches and their hand-cut chips topped generously with chicken salt.

the yeeros shop
the yeeros shop

The Annandale location however, is introducing an exciting array of new offerings, such as the classic Pork Yeeros, traditional Skepasti, and the choice of Large Pita or Bread Roll Style Yeeros.

The opening of The Yeeros Shop in Annandale is a symbol of dedication, loyalty and commitment. Situated alongside their sibling venue, Fat Fish, the new location offers communal seating and a warm atmosphere that celebrates family and community.




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