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Greece-China relations continue to strengthen as Chinese President visits Athens




After Greek PM Mitsotakis’ recent return from China, Chinese President Xi Jinping is now visiting Greece.

These meetings are set with the intention to enhance the integrated strategic partnership between Greece and China.

The Chinese President sent a written statement from Athens shortly after his arrival.

“We will have in-depth talks to further strengthen China-Greece ties under the new conditions, develop a bilateral cooperation plan and open a a new chapter in our integrated strategic partnership,” he wrote.

In this context, he expressed the belief that “concerted efforts on both sides” would make his visit successful. He further noted that stronger ties between Greece and China and wider cooperation are in the interest of both countries.

“I have brought with me the deep friendship of my people with the people of Greece. This is the first stop of my trip to Europe and Latin America. After a stopover in Rhodes five years ago, it gives me positive feelings to come back to this country, where the ancient and the modern are perfectly combined. Allow me to take this opportunity to extend, on behalf of the Government and the people of China, to extend warm greetings and best regards to the Government and people of Greece,” President Xi Jinping said.

The President of China also highlighted the common characteristics of Greek and Chinese culture, and spoke of a long history of friendly and mutually beneficial exchanges.

Focusing on bilateral relations, he notes that they have strengthened in recent years, pointing to “close high-level exchanges, deepening of political confidence and fruitful cooperation” in the framework of the Chinese One Zone One Road initiative, but mainly with the project in Piraeus.

“Our close communication and coordination on important regional and international issues have not only served our common interests, but have also contributed to the peace, stability, development and prosperity of the world,” he added.

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