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Zoe Ventoura opens up on motherhood and fame




Zoe Ventoura won Australia’s heart as Packed To The Rafters’ girl next door, but she was never feeling comfortable with fame leading to the loss of her privacy. So while her latest role as an attention-seeking vamp onstage in Chicago: The Musical may seem a contradiction, she said that it is perhaps the most satisfying job of her career.

According to The Daily Telegraph, she kept her 2015 wedding to actor Daniel MacPherson and her pregnancy with their now four-year-old son Austin under wraps, the Australian public only learning of both after they had happened.

In her discussion with Stellar’s podcast “Something To Talk About,” Ventoura revealed her protective stance on her private life.

“I’ve always felt innately that my private life is private, particularly when family and close friends are involved. I’ve chosen this life, this career, and I understand that some of it is public facing,” she said to The Daily Telegraph.

Zoe Ventoura will star in a new musical opening at the State Theatre later in April “La Cage Aux Folles” Picture: Richard Dobson from The Daily Telegraph.

“But my friends and family have not, and my son has not, so I’ve always felt protective of that. Also, some moments in your life are just so special that I want to keep them for us”.

She expressed discomfort with paparazzi intrusion, particularly concerning photographs of her son, Austin, whose face she shields from social media. She also talked about how she feels becoming a mother at 40.

“I do feel very grateful that I was able to have a kid, you know, later in life, which I know is not true for everybody. I’m keeping up with everything so far.”

Ventoura also spoke about co-parenting Austin – and remaining on good terms – with MacPherson, after announcing their split in December 2020.

“We just want to make sure he’s the number-one priority – he feels safe, loved, happy, thriving. And we’re great,” she said. “It’s been 100 per cent respectful and amicable and we’re communicating constantly because when you have a child, you have to.”

“I feel really lucky because I know that it’s not always the case”.

Source: The daily Telegraph

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