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Greece becomes newest signatory to the US-led Artemis Accords on space exploration 




Greek Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Washington as part of the USA-Greece Strategic Dialogue, reaffirming the historic high level of Greek-US relations. 

Following the meeting, Gerapetritis emphasised the United States’ appreciation for Greece’s principled foreign policy approach, particularly in upholding international law and fostering peace and prosperity. 

Discussions encompassed key regional issues, including the situations in Ukraine and the Middle East, with a focus on promoting an end to hostilities for a lasting resolution. 

Notably, Gerapetritis also highlighted the new opportunities arising for the Cyprus issue, citing the recent appointment of United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’ Personal Envoy on Cyprus, María Ángela Holguín Cuéllar. 

This presents a pivotal moment to reinvigorate efforts towards a sustainable solution in alignment with UN Security Council Resolutions.

The meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Greece and the United States at the State Department concluded on Friday with a significant signing ceremony. Gerapetritis signed Greece’s accession act to the “Artemis” space cooperation agreements, marking a pivotal moment in the framework of the 5th Strategic Dialogue between the two countries.

The head of the State Department emphasised, among other things, that US relations are stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Gerapetritis expressed his sincere condolences to the families of the five crew members of the military helicopter who lost their lives on Thursday in a tragic accident. 

Following the conclusion of the meeting, the two ministers declared the beginning of the 5th Strategic Dialogue between Greece and the US, in which Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandra Papadopoulou and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Economic Diplomacy and Extroversion, Kostas Fragogiannis, participated.

Blinken said that the US are so grateful for the partnership between US and Greece. 

“The partnership between our countries is in my judgment the strongest it’s ever been. This was reinforced when I had a chance to visit Athens a year ago for our last strategic dialogue and also reinforced by my recent visit just a few weeks ago when I met the Prime Minister in Crete,” Blinken said.

“Our countries are working together to promote peace and stability, standing with Ukraine, defending freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, confronting terrorists, providing life-saving humanitarian assistance to people who need it, responding to natural disasters.” 

Gerapetritis added, “We actively support the EU enlargement towards the Western Balkans and Ukraine.”

He also mentioned the Cyprus issue, while for the Middle East, he emphasised that Greece – thanks to its relations with both Israel and the Arab countries – can work constructively to prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation and work for sustainable peace. 

Source: AMNA.gr

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