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Australian official visits Lemnos to review progress on ANZAC Remembrance Trail




Lachlan Scully, the Second Secretary of the Australian High Commission in New Delhi, visited the Greek island of Lemnos on February 6 and 7 to review progress on the ANZAC Remembrance Trail.

He was accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Ioannis Skouras, and Military Director of the Office of the Deputy Minister of National Defence, Ioannis A. Kefalogiannis.

On February 6, Mr Scully held a meeting at the Myrina Officers’ Club hosted by the Commander of the 88th HAA, Lieutenant Colonel Ioannis Korres. Mr Scully was in attendance along with the Prefect of Lemnos, Apostolos Koutsogiannis; the Mayor of Lemnos, Eleonora Georga; the Deputy Mayor of Lemnos, Dimitris Boulotis; and engineer Ms Harou, who is responsible for the contractor company’s technical part of the project.

rememberance trail 2
Lachlan Scully in Lemnos.

During the meeting, the seventeen intervention points of the project and the role of the involved entities were thoroughly examined.

At the end of the meeting, the participants acknowledged the excellent cooperation and expressed optimism about the project’s rapid progress.

On Wednesday, February 9, Mr Boulotis accompanied Mr Scully and Lieutenant Colonel Skouras to all intervention points, in the presence of Ms Harou.

Remembrance trail
Photo: Lemnos. FM.

Afterwards, the delegation, accompanied by the Commander of the 88th HAA, met with Metropolitan Hierotheos of Lemnos. During the meeting, Metropolitan Hierotheos confirmed the willingness of the Metropolis of Lemnos and Saint Eustratios to cooperate in areas under their jurisdiction.

As they departed Lemnos, Mr Scully expressed his satisfaction with the results of his visit to the Remembrance Trail and the spirit of cooperation among all involved.

The Lemnos Remembrance Trail received millions of dollars in funding by the Australian government, and will allow travellers to visit key sites of significance on the island, and a website will be developed to tell the Australian story on Lemnos for those unable to visit in person.

Source: Lemnos.FM.

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